Staying Motivated

It seems there are always plenty of excuses for skipping your workout. You’ve got too much work on, you feel tired, it’s too cold to go to the gym – the list goes on and on. At the heart of all these reasons to give yourself the day off is your motivation, or lack of it. You’re not always going to feel super-motivated to go to the gym, but here are a few ideas that will help get you there anyway.

Focus On Your Goals

There was a reason you started working out, it’s because you wanted to achieve something. Whether it’s dropping a few dress sizes for an important event, or just getting toned so you look great on your next vacation, you should have a goal that you’re working towards. Focusing on that goal, and imagining how good it will feel when you’ve achieved it, can give you that little extra boost you need to throw on your trainers and get to work.

Bargain With Yourself

Nobody likes being forced to do anything, and if there’s the option of an easier compromise we’ll often take it. You can use this to ‘trick’ yourself into doing your work out. Make a deal with yourself that if you get to the gym and you really don’t feel like working out, you can get in the car and come home. This will at least get you out the door, which is often the biggest obstacle to training, and once you get to the gym you’ll be surprised how much more energy and motivation you feel you have.

Trade Off

Whether you see it as a reward for accomplishing your workout, or a bribe to simply get you in the gym, promising yourself something after you’ve had a good week working out is an excellent way to keep your motivation up. These short term rewards are often easier to focus on and provide the gratification you need to stay focused – but try and avoid anything food related, unless you want to undo all your hard work.

Make Some Changes

Your motivation to train can often wane when you get bored of your current workout routine. If you’ve been doing the same thing day in day out for the last few weeks, make some changes. Move things around or try different exercises altogether. Keeping the variety in your exercise routine is a great way to keep you interested and motivated.

Take a break

Maybe your lack of motivation is simply fatigue, because you’ve been over-exercising? If you normally go to the gym regularly but just don’t feel like it, give yourself the day off. Taking a break will be good for your body and mean that you’ll be even keener to get back in the gym once you’ve got your energy back.

Choosing a Personal Trainer

If you’re considering hiring a personal trainer but are as yet undecided about whether such an option is going to be effective, then this guide walks you through the process; here we tell you about the benefits of working alongside a personal trainer, as well as the things that you need to look out for when considering which personal trainer you’d like to hire.

The Benefits Of Working With A Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer LA

The number one benefit of having a personal trainer is that they make up for waning motivation; whilst they can certainly help keep motivation levels up through interesting and effective workouts, you need to presume that you will be demotivated at one point or another. Your personal trainer is there to push you through these times, and ensure that you stay on track of your goals.

An innumerable amount of people give up on their fitness goals in the first few weeks; a personal trainer will ensure that, even if you want to quit, the embarrassment of giving up early will put you off.

Attaining your health goals can be hard, particularly if you’re trying to lose weight; it can be exhausting and surprisingly emotional. A personal trainer will provide emotional support in bucket loads; depending on their approach you may find that this varies from a few kind words, to a little shouting!

Professional Expertise
For all the will in the world, people who work out with particular goals in mind are most likely not getting the most out of their workouts. A personal trainer holds expert knowledge on what does and doesn’t work in a variety of situations for many fitness goals. This all means that with a personal trainer, you get where you want to be quicker.

What To Look For In A Personal Trainer

Do they need professional qualifications?
Many personal trainers may work without professional qualifications, and they may produce great results. However if you want to be certain that you’re getting a professional’s opinion, then opt for someone who is fully qualified.

It’s not all about the money
Whilst cost most certainly is a factor in choosing a personal trainer, it shouldn’t be the be all and end all; if a personal trainer can prove his or her worth through numerous client testimonials and a good reputation then it may well be advisable to compromise on the price. After all, what’s the point in spending a lesser amount to produce no results, when a higher amount gives you the body of your dreams?

Male or Female?
This is really down to personal choice and who you’re going to feel most comfortable with. You might assume that a male personal trainer might be better if you’re looking to build muscle, or that they’ll be more driven and a lot ‘harder’ on you. If you want to lose weight and are looking for a trainer with a more gentle approach, you might think a female personal trainer would be better. The reality it, there are male and female trainers that are capable of catering to all needs, and they will take the time to understand what you need and tailor their approach to suit you. Whether your trainer is male or female shouldn’t really be important, what is crucial however is that you get on with them and they are capable of helping you achieve your goals.